Want to Donate from Philippines now you can faster and easy!

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Want to Donate from Philippines now you can faster and easy!

Post by chaossxgaming on Sat Mar 11 2017, 02:09


FYI, I am just doing this to help my fellow countrymen I am not earning or whatsoever actually I have to pay the fee when transferring the money to Omega's PayPal account.

Message me in here or in game for the (Mobile Number)


Where can I load up?
Your PayMaya wallet and Beep wallet are separate wallets. Load up your PayMaya wallet at:
Robinson’s Department Stores, SM Business Center, Smart Padala, Smart Wireless Center
Prepare your mobile number and a valid ID
Fill out the transaction slip with complete details
Present the transaction slip, government ID and money to the cashier
Receive an SMS notification that the transaction was successful

Go to the Cliqq Kiosk
Tap "E-MONEY", then "PayMaya Cash-In".
Enter your mobile number and the load-up amount (minimum of P100)
Get the receipt and pay at the counter.

BDO online/mobile banking:
Log in to your BDO online/mobile account.
Select "Financial Services" > "Bills Payment" > "Pay Bills"
For "Pay this Company/Biller": choose PAYMAYA
For the Subscriber Number, enter the recipient's mobile number linked to your PayMaya with the format: 639XXXXXXXXX.
For the Subscriber Name, enter the recipient's name. Click Submit.
The message "You have successfully paid your bills" will be shown along with your payment details.
Your PayMaya will receive the load following BDO's load-up schedule.
Since load-ups made via BDO are considered “Bills Payment”, your funds won’t be credited in real time.
Load-ups made between 9:00 AM- 9:59 PM will be credited to your PayMaya within 2 hours.
Load-ups not made within the above time will be credited to your PayMaya within 24-48 hours.
This schedule is only valid for regular working days. If you load up on a weekend or on a holiday, the load will be credited on the next working day following the said schedule.

Touch Pay
Go to selected TouchPay Kiosks
Select PayMaya under E-Money category
Enter mobile number and amount to be loaded to your account
Insert money in the machine and wait for the receipt
You will receive an SMS notification upon successful loading

Union Bank ATM
Choose UnionBank Bills Payment
Select an account to charge from
Select <biller name>
Enter reference number <biller's reference number>
Enter the amount
Once transaction has been validated, a transaction receipt shall be printed out

Smart Padala
You can load up your PayMaya at selected Smart Padala Centers here.
Tell the representative you want to load up PayMaya.
Fill out the transaction form. Your account number is the mobile number you used to register on PayMaya.
Present a valid ID (student IDs also accepted) along with the load-up amount in cash.
Wait for an SMS text confirming your load-up transaction before leaving the store. Your total balance and a history of your transactions will also be reflected in your app (internet required).

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